About this site


This site was created to help find answers for such questions:

  • How to help Ukraine?
  • Where to donate to help Ukraine?
  • Where to donate to support Ukraine?
  • How to help Ukrainians?
  • What can I do to help Ukraine?
  • What help do Ukrainian need?

I started this page because the 24th of February at 4 AM Russia invaded Ukraine! I live in Ukraine, I'm Ukrainian. That day I woke up from the sound of explosions. In an instant, my life, like the lives of millions of Ukrainians, went downhill... Russian army bombed and continues to bomb our cities, our homes, kill our children and women... And now I'm in great danger from the Russian troops as same as all Ukrainian people. I am an ordinary peaceful person, like all the inhabitants of my country. My profession is to create websites. I do not want to fight with anyone, just like all other Ukrainians. That is why our people are looking for help from outside. We are waiting for support from all over the World! There are almost 8 billion people on our planet and if at least some of them will help us - we will stop this war!

If you still have any other questions - please try to find the answers on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or look at the links, provided earlier on this page. Also, you can read this site in Ukrainian